Hypoxia, Hyperoxia, Hypercapnia
Gas mixture from ambient air and pure gas

The All-In-One Altitude Simulation System.


AltiTrainer® is an innovating device for research in hypoxic, hypoxic, and hypercapnic condition.

AltiTrainer® enables adjusting the FO2 between 10.5 % and 60 %, on a continuous basis. It is also possible to adjust the FCO2 between 0.5 % and 8 %. AltiTrainer® enables subjecting individuals to physical exercise in conditions of hypoxia, hyperoxia, and hypercapnia with custom-adjusted breathing rates of up to 190 l/min.
Subjects may also be at rest. The user can change the inspired oxygen or carbon dioxide fraction at any moment by a simple touch on the screen. The gas mixture is made automatically according to the subject’s needs.

Easy to use

Low operating costs


Ready for many maneuvre amounts

Simulated altitude training

Simulated altitude training with regeneration in plain is now possible – To simulate the altitudes up to 5500m above the sea level. Even to train the subjects to intensive training in hypoxia conditions with ventilatory flows up to 200l/min.

Medical Research

Exposure to high altitude environment causes reactions in the body. The set of health problems related to altitude is the subject of ongoing research. The versatility of the Altitrainer configures appropriate tests for patients and research safely.

Technical Data

Functioning principle Drop in partial Oxygen pressure by reduction of the proportion of Oxygen in the air breathed in.
Method of action
Dilution of nitrogen or oxygen in the air
Simulated altitude
From 1200m. à 5500m. (more if requested)
Partial O2 pressure: PO 2
From 138 up to 103 mmHg
Percentage O2 range
From 18% up to 13,5%
Percentage if HyperoxOne used
From 60% up to 13,5%
Production of air mixed
Adapted following the consumption
Maximum ventilatory flow up to 190 l/mn
up to 190 l/mn
Nitrogen supply
Minimum pressure 3 bars
Electric power supply
12 V. cc
Power Consumption
15 W. Maximum
Control of PO2
By Oxygene sensor
Electronic control
by microprocessor
15 kg (without nitrogen bottle)
H.50 cm, L 40 cm, D 52 cm
Respiratory tubing hose
Flexible, lengths from 60 cm up to 180 cm.
Respiratory mask
In sterilisable silicone Double anti-return valves with a minimum dead volume