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Innovation for provocation testing

Using Eucapnic Voluntary Hyperpnea

The eucapnic voluntary hyperventilation (EVH) test is an alternative method to other indirect or direct bronchial challenge tests such as exercise challenge or methacholine challenge test1.

The EVH test has traditionally been used for elite athletes2 and is widely regarded as the gold standard tool for assessing EIB among
athletes3. EVH is a provocative test to diagnose exercise-induced airway narrowing.
EucapSys is the resolutely innovative device for conducting bronchial provocation tests through the custom production and supply of hypercapnic air mixtures. The huge advantage of this method is that no medication is needed.

One step protocol saves time

More comfortable & less complications

No medication neccessary

Integrated display & easy to implement

Indirect provocation ensures less misinterpretation

Low operating costs

Measurement principle

1. PRE spirometry test

Before doing the provocation,
a forced spirometry sets the baseline for pre FEV1.

2. EucapSys test

Then, a dry gas mixture enriched with 5 % CO2 is hyperventilated at room temperature for about 6 minutes thru a breathing mask. The patient will breathe faster than normally through a mouthpiece. The maneuvre is recorded to the EUCAPSYS system box.

3. POST spirometry test

After the provokational phase, the post measurement is carried out. If the value falls below 10% of the baseline FEV1, an asthma can be diagnosed.

Benefits at a glance

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