PFT Filter

Easy to use filter for pulmonary function testing, which is secure and reliable.

It allows an economic workflow and includes an ergonomic mouthpiece.

The fleece inside the GANSHORN PFT Filter is covered with a protective membrane. Some filter fleeces do not have a protective cover, therefore the loose fleece fibres may become a problem if they enter the patient’s airways or block up the spirometer. The filter fleece is pulled rigid and taut within the filter housing. Loose filter inserts distort the measurement flow patterns which interferes with the different flow ranges.

The GANSHORN PFT Filter proves to have a 99.9999% filtration efficiency. At a filtration efficiency of 99.9% still 1000 micro organisms out of 1 million pass through the filter.

Bacterial / viral performance

Single patient use

Casing: white polypropylene

Electrostatic filter

99.9999% bacterial / viral filtration efficiency

Resistance @ 12 L/s 0.7 cmH2O/L/s (0.07 kPa/L/s)

Effective deadspace: 50 ml


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