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PFT filter

Reliable, safe and easy to use filter for pulmonary function diagnostics.

The GANSHORN PFT filter allows an economical workflow and convinces with an ergonomic mouthpiece. It has a special protective membrane. It prevents fibers from detaching from the filter fleece. These could lead to problems in the patient’s respiratory tract when inhaled. The fleece of the filter is firmly attached and under tension in the housing. This prevents the movement of the filter fleece from changing the patient’s breathing pattern depending on the breathing flow. The GANSHORN PFT filter has a proven filtration efficiency of 99.9999%, i.e. only one micro-organism per million passes through the filter fleece.

Advantages of the GANSHORN PFT filter
  • Bacteria/virus filter for single use
  • Housing: white polypropylene
  • Filter material: electrostatic
  • Filtration efficiency: 99.9999%
  • Filter resistance @ 12 L/s 0,7 cmH2O/L/s (0,07 kPa/L/s)
  • Effective dead space: 50 ml
PFT Filter
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