Oscillatory Resistance

PowerCube® ROS

Because the FEV1 Measurement alone is not enough: Cooperation Free Resistance Measurement

A gentle measurement method without influence on the respiratory tract: the Oscillatory Resistance measurement answers the central question for the current degree of obstruction immediately and practically without the patients’ cooperation!

When measuring with ROS-BOX, “normal” tidal breathing replaces the strenuous, cooperation-depending, and error-leading breathing manoeuvre. Oscillation volumes in the range of millilitres make fixing of the cheeks unnecessary. Compared to the usual measurement methods, the bronchial system is practically not being stressed.

Continuous measurement of the breathing resistance during tidal breathing

No qualified personnel necessary for the instruction of breathing manoeuvres

Direct measurement at a high resolution shows the resistance curve almost instantly

Gentle measuring method with almost no impact on the respiratory system

Especially suitable for use in a paediatric practice


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