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Modern lung laboratory: GANSHORN breaks the 1000 mark and continues to grow

Niederlauer, 19/05/2021: GANSHORN Medizin Electronic GmbH (GANSHORN) looks back on 38 years of successful company history, in which it has focused on the development and production of high-tech measuring devices for the entire spectrum of pulmonary function diagnostics. The specialist, based in Niederlauer, celebrates a very special anniversary on 19th May 2021: on this day, the thousandth PowerCube® Body+, a bodyplethysmograph for measuring lung and breathing parameters, such as breathing resistance, residual volume or total lung capacity, rolls off the production line. For the medium-sized company, this is a success story that confirms that the combination of know-how, quality and innovation is asserting itself on the market both nationally and internationally. “The first generation of the body plethysmograph with the product name “GANSHORN Body” came onto the German market in 1988. Since then, we have continuously invested in the further development of the product, so that in 2011 we were able to launch the fourth generation of the modern lung laboratory, the PowerCube® Body+. This was the first device with flow measurement based on ultrasound technology. This technology is now considered the gold standard, which is the reason why we are indispensable in the German pneumology sector and also in hospitals abroad.  Since then, we have quadrupled sales of this device,” explains Dr. Stefan Ponto as GANSHORN Executive Vice President with a brief look into the past. The GANSHORN management is particularly proud of the steadily growing share in the international market, which confirms its management and sales decisions.

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GANSHORN Medizin Electronic GmbH has been producing high-quality and easy-to-use measuring devices for the entire spectrum of pulmonary function diagnostics since 1982. Many of the company’s own innovations and patents were groundbreaking and are now regarded as the standard in everyday pneumology. The participation of Schiller AG in GANSHORN Medizin Electronic GmbH, which was completed in 2014, will develop synergies and joint resources for the cardiorespiratory market. This strategic merger is particularly important because pneumology and cardiology are moving closer together, therefore combined and sophisticated solutions are required on the market. Initially only active nationally, more than two thirds of the turnover is now generated internationally.

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Executive Vice President, Dr Stefan Ponto, is pleased with the
sales success of the new generation PowerCube® Body+.
Photo: GANSHORN Medizin Electronic GmbH

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