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Modern lung laboratory: GANSHORN breaks the 1000 mark and continues to grow

Niederlauer, 21/06/2021: At the turn of the year, a personnel change took place in the GANSHORN management: Industry expert Dr. Stefan Ponto (Executive Vice President) was appointed to this responsible position by Mirko Gadza, President of GANSHORN, as of 01.01.2021. At the same time, a brand strategy was developed and a new company logo was created to present the fresh wind at GANSHORN to the outside world. The strong GANSHORN brand, which stands for the innovative and high-quality manufacture of measuring instruments and corresponding ‘accessories in pulmonary function diagnostics, is retained as the central word mark in the logo. With the new Soleil font, a rounder typeface is used that makes the logo appear softer and more humane, which in turn symbolises the closeness to people. And that is what GANSHORN’s core business is all about: providing a high-tech product range and putting it at the service of health for the population. “The figures published by the WHO (World Health Organisation) in a study*, which show that 15% of all people suffer from respiratory diseases, illustrate how great our responsibility to society is,” clarifies Dr Stefan Ponto. The Ganshorn lung, originally placed in a square to the left of the logo, is integrated into the ‘O’ of the lettering and reduced to the most necessary shapes. The addition ‘Schiller Group’ refers to the affiliation with the Swiss parent company SCHILLER AG and to the strategic alliance with GANSHORN that was completed in 2014, which positions the Franconian medical technology equipment manufacturer even more securely and solidly for the future. Dr Stefan Ponto continues: “We will push the national and international distribution of our products, drawing on SCHILLER’s expanded dealer network and research activities. In doing so, we also want to take the GANSHORN brand, which is already established in Germany, into the world. At the same time, it is very important to us to establish a reference to SCHILLER. We also achieve this through the business unit slogan ‘The Art of Lung Diagnostics’ (see graphic “Visual representation of GANSHORN’s brand strategy”), which is based on that of the parent company”.
Mirko Gadza, as the main person responsible, sums up in conclusion: “The GANSHORN brand strategy is based on the one hand on the long-standing core competence as well as technology leadership in pulmonary function diagnostics and on the other hand on the strategic partnership with SCHILLER, in line with the motto ‘The Art of Future and Partnership’.”

* WHO – Chronic respiratory diseases – Burden of COPD

More about GANSHORN Medizin Electronic GmbH: GANSHORN Medizin Electronic GmbH has been producing high-quality and easy-to-use measuring devices for the entire spectrum of pulmonary function diagnostics since 1982. Many of the company’s own innovations and patents were groundbreaking and are now regarded as the standard in everyday pneumology. The participation of Schiller AG in GANSHORN Medizin Electronic GmbH, which was completed in 2014, will develop synergies and joint resources for the cardiorespiratory market. This strategic merger is particularly important because pneumology and cardiology are moving closer together, therefore combined and sophisticated solutions are required on the market. Initially only active nationally, more than two thirds of the turnover is now generated internationally.

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Visual representation of the GANSHORN brand strategy.

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