The Versatile System for Perfect Ergospirometry

Whether it is for differential diagnosis or for the medically secured support of sportsmen: Ergospirometry has become the indispensable tool for the cardiopulmonary function diagnostics. Gain valuable information with the PowerCube-Ergo for diagnosis, therapy or training support.
The PowerCube-Ergo is the ideal system for measuring and the evaluation of breathing gases O2/ CO2 under load.

The PowerCube-Ergo is the tool that meets the high requirements of cardio-pulmonary diagnostics. The pneumotachograph with variable orifice is lightweight and completely unsusceptible to moisture. The quick, highly stable gas analysers give real breath-by-breath measurements. The user interface can be freely configured for measurement and interpretation.

Standard system with Spirometry, Flow-Volume, MVV as well as “ErgoCheck” software for result validation

Further options are e.g. evaluation software LFSport, SpO2, Oscillatory resistance, ergometry system etc.

Simultaneous display of the 9-panel-diagram according to Wasserman – also on-screen during the measurement

Automated determination of the anaerobic threshold by set method (V-Slope, CO2-excess, EQO2 Minimum, RQ=1) or manually in the diagrams


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