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The first spirometer with ultrasound technology

SpiroScout Spirometer transparent

Respiratory breath analysis

SpiroScout is the heart of all GANSHORN diagnostic systems. With the development of ultrasound flow measurement, GANSHORN opened new perspectives for spirometry and lung function testing. Based on simultaneous flow and molar mass determination, SpiroScout precisely measures all spirometric parameters and provides parallel information to the

SpiroScout spirometer is a complete lung function laboratory based on the GANSHORN ultrasound flow measurement method. It enables the exact determination of all spirometric parameters such as flow/volume, spirometry, lung volume, the one-second capacity FEV1 as well as static and dynamic lung function measurements including peak flow measurement.

SpiroScout is the first and only spirometer in the world to measure flow and gas concentration simultaneously, enabling statements to be made about flow, volume and respiratory gas parameters with a single measurement. Depending on your needs, the modern ultrasound hardware will meet your clinical requirements.


Advantages of SpiroScout
  • Real-time determination of respiratory gases
  • High precision ultrasound flow sensor
  • Calibration-free
  • Maintenance-free
  • Compact and portable for tests independent of measuring station
  • Fast and reliable, no warm-up phase
  • Powerful and intuitive LFX software

Energy saving: Sensor turns off automatically when not in use

Capnovolumetry available: Possibility of CO2 analysis of exhaled air

Disposable mouthpieces: quick and hygienic change between patients

Additional measurement options

Tidal breathing for children
This type of breath recording is used for newborns and infants where cooperation cannot be guaranteed.

SpiroScout TidalBreath

This form is used to assess the nasal cavity and respiratory function of the nose. It measures pressure and flow
during normal inhalation and exhalation through the nose.

ScoutTube - The mouthpiece

ScoutTube is the mouthpiece of SpiroScout. It is
easy to use and 100 % hygienic, as you simply
change it with every patient and get started. Using
the ScoutTube allows to measure without added
resistance (from a filter). It suits all ages from
children to adults, at all levels of health. ScoutTubes
are permeable to ultrasound but not to bacteria or
viruses. Contamination of the device is therefore
less likely. To guarantee sustainability GANSHORN
offsets the emissions generated during production,
packaging, delivery and disposal of ScoutTubes.

  • No added resistance
  • No costs for filters
  • No cleaning needed
  • Eco-friendly: disposable and bio-degradable
GANSHORN SpiroScout Nutzung
SpiroScout as stand-alone device
SpiroScout in PowerCube Body+
GANSHORN PowerCube Diffusion+
SpiroScout in PowerCube Diffusion+
Programs and Options
Programs Standard Optional
SQL or MySQL database
Reports generable
Multiuser licence
Programs/Feautres Standard Optional
Slow spirometry
Flow volume
Measruement with filter